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Malavath Poorna: A Girl With Rock-Solid Tenacity, Inspiration For Millions!

Mar 30, 2018

Malavath Poorna: A Girl With Rock-Solid Tenacity, Inspiration For Millions!
Malavath Poorna: A Girl With Rock-Solid Tenacity, Inspiration For Millions! | Credit: Indian Express

Every human has an insidious desire, of being on the top of the world. The meaning of being- On The Top of The World, may differ for all, depending upon the type of heights one might dream to scale. It can vary from excelling in one’s career (whatever the profession might be) to the real sense of climbing the highest peaks of our mother earth in real world. None of these are as easy as they seems.

The real girl behind the truly inspirational film directed by Rahul Bose that released in 2017, “Poorna:courage has no limits“, is none other than Malavath Poorna.

Right from the childhood Malavath had been inclined towards athletics. This was honed by years of kabaddi and volleyball. She was encouraged by her teachers who motivated her to pursue rock climbing and mountaineering. Most important was the role of Shekhar Babu Bachinepally, a mountaineer and Arjuna Awardee who had summited Everest in 2007 and trained Malavath and another student, S Anand Kumar, for the Everest expedition.

Malavath hails from a small village called Pakala in Telangana. She was shortlisted for Operation Everest along with Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar. While preparing for the major climb on Everest, she trekked mountains of Ladakh and Darjeeling.

She started training for mountaineering in the year 2013 and on 25 th May 2014 Poorna scaled the highest peak of Mount Everest. At 13 years 11 months, she became the youngest girl in the world, to have reached the summit of Everest.

The village from where she hails, is so remote that one has to walk seven kilometres even to buy a matchbox. The tradition of early marriage, loomed over her too when she was paying attention to her mountaineering drive. She would overhear people saying that mountaineering is not meant for girls! Her parents — father Devidas and mother Lakshmi — were supportive of her education and even her mountain-climbing adventures.

In an interview to the Indian express she recollects about how over confident she was, when she commented to her trainer, “This is not so tall. We can climb it in one day”. It took 52 long days for the whole climb.

Ever since the time she started training for mountain climbing, Poorna has been afraid only twice. The first time, she says , was during her very maiden rock climbing expedition organised by her school, to the Bhogir Rock. Her legs shook looking at the magnificent rock they were to climb.

The second time was not before she fell ill at the Everest Advanced Base Camp due to insufficient acclimatisation and when she saw corpses on the final stretch of her climb up Mt Everest. The Everest body count of over 200 still remains intimidating.

It was a sheer determination and strength of mind that helped a 13-year-old summit the peak. Many external factors too came together to make the climb possible, not the least being the role of IPS officer, Dr RS Praveen Kumar, who was determined to overhaul the working of the Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions.

“I climbed Everest because I wanted to prove girls could do anything,” is what she says in an interview to the media. We salute this true spirit of being.