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'Only Women' Pink autos for women's safety in Bengaluru

Feb 21, 2018

'Only Women' Pink autos for women's safety in Bengaluru
'Only Women' Pink autos for women's safety in Bengaluru | Credit: Businesszoom Website

India is a country where the safety of women has been a major issue since many years now. We hear a lot of cases of sexual abuse, murder and rapes these days. The cases have grown so much out of proportion that it is getting difficult for the women to even step out of their homes during the day time, let alone the nights. This has impacted the personal and professional lives of many women all over the country.

But, some good news is here for us!

Bengaluru is all set to launch “Pink autos” for women

As a measure to ensure the safety of women in the city, Bengaluru has come up with a great idea to drive away the fears of women commuters at night. The city is all geared up for launching its first fleet of pink auto rickshaws. These vehicles will only be reserved for women travellers.

According to the plans of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), they are all set to distribute pink autos as a part of a women welfare scheme. The move was finalized after the administrative body planned on reserving 20 % of the parking slots for women.

What do the higher authorities have to say?

Abdul Rakeeb Zakir, chairperson of the BBMP standing committee for social justice and welfare, was quoted as saying, “We plan to distribute 500 pink autos under our welfare schemes. We will provide Rs 80,000 in subsidy for each auto rickshaw, and the beneficiary will have to pay the balance. The drivers can be men or women, but if the latter come forward, they will be given preference. We will provide a special training programme for male drivers to behave with woman passengers better".

The Mayor of the city, Sampath Raj announced this move in November. This announcement came soon after the Palike decided to fix reservation of 20 % of slots at its parking lots for women.

Pink auto rickshaws are the latest addition to the family of measures taken for women-safety announced by the civic agencies of Bengaluru. Earlier certain measures like Pink Hoysalas, women's-only coach on the Metro and pink seats on BMTC buses had been introduced to make the women feel safer while commuting.

The views of women on this move

Women have appreciated the move. However, they are apprehensive whether the auto rickshaws would alone serve the purpose of guaranteeing their safety. The authorities have also ensured that the CCTV cameras will also be installed in each of the auto rickshaws. However, the major question that arises is whether the footages will be monitored or not! Without proper monitoring of the same, there is no point in installing CCTV cameras.

The Mayor, Sampath Raj, further added that, “We have written to the transport department for the permits, and will float tenders for the vehicles soon”. So, there are chances that the number of vehicles could be increased, depending upon the response from the crowd.

He has also given an estimate of about Rs 24,000 that will be spent on the tracker and CCTV cameras. This cost is exclusive of the cost of the vehicle, he said.

"Since the mass rapid transport system in the city is inadequate, many women are left stranded at Metro stations and bus stops late at night as they find it difficult to get auto rickshaws. This move should help rectify that," added the Mayor again.

Isn’t this a great move by Bengaluru towards ensuring the safety of women? How many of you think this will be a successful move? Let us know your views!