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6-Month Maternity Leave is a boon for working Mothers

Mar 16, 2018

6-Month Maternity Leave is a boon for working Mothers
6-Month Maternity Leave is a boon for working Mothers | Credit: Finance-Bigmir Website

For every woman, maternity leave is an important need. Love and special care are much needed for a pregnant lady. Of her 9 months of pregnancy period, every woman needs rest at least for the last two months. Along with that, after delivery of the baby, the baby needs the mother, so for this purpose the first six months of post-delivery period leave is also important. After delivery, a child needs its mother to stay close and feel safe emotionally, physically, and psychologically.

The Act:

  1. All the working mothers felt an air of relief when the latest bill was approved by Rajya Sabha. According to that bill, Indian carrying mothers are now allowed 26 weeks of maternity leave. Also, they mentioned that mothers who are appointed also get 12 weeks leave. After 26 weeks of maternity leave, the lactating mothers can work from home so that they can take care of her baby and provide the nourishment it requires .
  2. Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given his permission that this new modification of bill will be applicable to all India Business Organisations. In that bill, it is mentioned that private organizations that have more than 10 employees, will have to give six months of maternity leave to a woman. For children, every company that has more than 50 employees must establish crèche facilities.
  3. For women to be able to keep working along with taking care of their children, big companies like Microsoft and Flipkart have already begun providing crèche facilities.
  4. The bill is of six pages where they have mentioned why and how this act is to be implemented by private organizations. The main aim of this bill is woman empowerment because the government wants more participation of women in the workforce. The bill has received a huge applause and appreciation from the Union Cabinet. Due to the modification of Maternity bill, minimum 1.8 lakh women who are working in private sector will be benefitted and they will get the chance to take better care of their newborns.

Benefits of Maternity Leave:

  1. One of the important goals of this maternity leave is to facilitate breastfeeding by employed mothers because a study shows that breastfeeding is more important for the newborns. This is good for the health of both mother and child. In 2017, a report came that the Global Breastfeeding collective, led by UNICEF and the world health organization had declared breastfeeding the “best investment in global health”.
  2. To preserve the self-respect for motherhood, protect the health of women, total safety of a child is the vital purpose of providing these maternity benefits. Due to this act, also we can protect women from miscarriages, undergoing medical termination of pregnancy etc. Due to work from home option more women are getting the benefit to balance their life.

Personally, we believe that we should welcome this amendment and encourage more women to join the organized sector. It is because of this bill that women can balance their work-life in a manner that is most comfortable to them.