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  • Supercop DIG D Roopa exposes many bureaucrats including Sasikala

Supercop DIG D Roopa exposes many bureaucrats including Sasikala

Mar 24, 2018

Supercop DIG D Roopa exposes many bureaucrats including Sasikala
Supercop DIG D Roopa exposes many bureaucrats including Sasikala | Credit: Zeenews Website

To be assigned the title of a 'wonder woman' symbolises that the persona depicts guts, is strikingly fearless and is iconic in every aspect of the word. An unsung hero, who has made the world witness courage and bravery with her rightful attitude is IPS officer DIG D Roopa who has hogged the limelight for her gallantness time and again. Recently she created a furore in the AIADMK General Secretary Sasikala case making startling revelations that shook the nation.

Sasikala was sentenced to imprisonment of 4 years being convicted on corruption charges for amassing whopping wealth of Rs 53 crores. She was housed in the same prison D Roopa was in charge of. She was in Prisoner Number 9234 and got a daily wage of Rs 50 for making candles during her jail time. D Roopa soon figured out that Sasikala was indulging in luxury instead of doing the aforesaid and exposed it to the department and media. It took no time for the news to hog the limelight and go viral. She exposed the doings in the jail where Sasikala was enjoying VVIP treatment and DGP Satyanarayana Rao had turned blind to the ongoing taking a bribe of 2 crores allowing her to enjoy leverages and do as she please. Sasikala was enjoying food from personal kitchen and many such luxuries. She submitted a report to her seniors with the allegations. She not only blew the lid but also submitted cctv footage of the acts going on in the prison. The result: she was transferred from the jail.

Does it deter a lady cop like D Roopa? VVIPs or not, she has never flinched from doing the duty whenever anyone altered law. Sasikala is not the only one to be on her line of fire. In another stint she had arrested the then CM of Madhya Pradesh Uma Bharti in a 10-year rioting case. For Former Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yeddyurappa, she withdrew several police vehicles from a procession that was being used without permit. She took to twitter in a spat with Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha when he took a dig on transfers in the police department. He had to eat his own words when Roopa asked him not to politicize the functions of bureaucracy. She had also formerly mentioned about Abdul Karim Telgi, a famous convict in stamp paper scam enjoying a luxurious prison sentence. Being a whistleblower, outspoken against the wrong doings in the system, she has ruffled many such feather in the 17 year of her career.

This hot-headed supercop has also won the President’s medal in 2016 for sharp shooting and President’s Police Medal for Meritorious service. She secured 43rd rank in the UPSC exam in 2000. She ranked fifth and was the only officer selected to the Karnataka cadre. She is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and practices classical Hindustani music. She turns to social media, also writes for newspapers and has been telecasted many times on Kannada TV channels.