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Young Activist speaks out as the Voice of the Indian Women!

Apr 18, 2018

Young Activist speaks out as the Voice of the Indian Women!
Young Activist speaks out as the Voice of the Indian Women!

A video of social activist Trisha Shetty bashing politicians on Republic TV is being widely shared on social media. On a debate with popular journalist Arnab Goswami, Trisha is seen mincing no words in conveying her displeasure about how women are treated in our country. She has asked questions that every Indian woman will want to ask at this point.

Trisha talks about some very misogynistic standpoints taken by politicians such as Mulayam Singh Yadav and Owaisi. She spoke about how Yadav had said that death penalty for rapists will be removed when their party comes to power because he felt that ‘men will be men’. She also spoke about how Owaisi had refused to condemn the Maulanas for a very long time.

She had rightly bashed the representatives of all parties for the way they were politicising the recent Kathua rape case. “We don’t even condemn PM Modi for waking up after four days to make one statement. We are asking for accountability and we are asking for the answers”, she said.

She drove the point home when she asked political representatives why they were always criticising what the other parties were saying. She urged them to look into what their own party members were saying and asked them to condemn that for a change and asked the politicians to come out and admit that the statements made by their own party members were grossly wrong.

These are some questions that have been long overdue. Many politicians in our country have been behaving in a very irresponsible manner and making inappropriate comments that sound primitive at best. Given the present state of affairs and the many cases of rapes, religious fanatics creating ruckus all over the country and corruption, it is obvious that our political system needs a major revamp.

The first step towards eliminating this situation is for the people to speak up. It is because of our silence that politicians are taking us for a ride. Undeserving people are in power all over the country and are promoting a culture of hooliganism and are oppressing the common people.

As Trisha says, we have to demand that political parties should expel undeserving representatives immediately. It is shameful that people with such regressive views are the ones who are above us in the power game. As a democratic country, we are in no compulsion to accept this unfortunate situation. We have all the rights to demand that educated and just people should be the only ones in power.

Trisha’s comments on the show are a reminder to all of us that we should not remain silent. Today, there is no political party that is 100% right or one that is 100% wrong in our country. All parties have corrupt representatives with regressive mindsets as well as people who actually care about the common janta.

Let us not be gullible and not get swooped into the political storm that each party is trying to create. Let us know our own right, stay objective, and recognise the voice that we have in our democracy.