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Can a Women travel Alone in India?

May 28, 2019

Can a Women travel Alone in India?
Can a Women travel Alone in India? | Photography: Freephotos

Is it possible for a woman to travel alone, especially in countries like India where women's safety is still under debate? The answer is yes!

With the country being ranked as one of the worst countries for women to live in, a majority of women, though equipped with cell phones and internet, are hesitant to step out of their comfort zones alone.

Fortunately, solo female travel in India is not as scary as the media projects. But it is important that you stay cautious and well-prepared.

Here comes a list of tips to help you get on your own feet, safely and happily. Let not fear stop you from experiencing the company of the best person in the world- yourself!

Be assertive, not polite

The very first thing about taking solo rides in a taxi or any means of public transport is to wear a confident expression. Using polite terms to men on your way can be mistaken for a sign of interest. 

It is best to brush out auto drivers or salesmen who offer to help you, instead of saying "no thank you", because it would still mean engaging with them.

Know your route and destination

Your chances of getting into trouble reduce when you know your pick up location and drop destination perfectly. Whether you choose to walk or take a taxi or drive your own vehicle, opt for a crowded route in order to avoid the hassle.

Have money but hide it

Carry a travel bag that is not heavy but big enough to hold all your valuables. Ensure that you don't part with it at any time. Have enough hidden money and opt for well-paid and reputed means of transport than cheaper ones. Your safety is more important than saving money.

Also, have some secret cash in case your wallet is stolen.

Cover up

Though India has seen a huge development in terms of fashion and independence of women in choosing their clothing and lifestyle, it is still conservative and skin show is not usual. It doesn't mean you have to drape yourself in a long saree. Comfortable clothing that would not disclose your curves can save you from a lot of unwanted attention. Boutiques are teeming with stylish kurtas, trousers and dupattas to make you feel covered and fashionable.

Be guided by technology

Avoid travelling at night. But if it is necessary, take trips with companies like OLA where your journey is tracked. Inform your friends or relatives regarding your ride and destination through a phone call and make sure that the driver knows about it. This move can scare the driver of getting caught and may prevent any attempt to stalk the traveller.

Trust not

Indian men are getting modernized. The interaction between males and females have become less uncommon. Still, you need to be picky about the people with who you open up or throw a casual smile.

Simply, have a suspicious eye for anyone, be it men, women and even children, as danger can strike you in any form.

Carry some tools

If your instincts say that you're in an unsafe zone, it is always ideal to trust it and act wisely to escape danger. A few tools can come to the rescue if you're on red alert and use your senses wisely. Carry a torch, in case your phone is dead. Pepper sprays and stun guns are available online to facilitate safe travel for women.

Even if you don't carry such defence items, you always have one stronger weapon with you always- Shrewdness.

It is high time for women to get out of the shackles of fear and insecurities and walk independently, exhibiting confidence. Remember, there is only one person who can help you fight and survive any kind of trouble: That is yourself!