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Did our Ancestors discover Aeroplane centuries before Wright brothers?

Oct 31, 2018

Did our Ancestors discover Aeroplane centuries before Wright brothers?
Did our Ancestors discover Aeroplane centuries before Wright brothers?

India is a country that is believed to have housed some of the most advanced ancient civilizations in the world. Our scriptures and ancient texts are dated back to around 1500 BC and contain elaborate literature about all aspects of life. One such ancient scripture that has always piqued the curiosity is the Vaimanika Shastra. Design Engineer and CFD Analyst, Kavya Vaddadi is carrying out research on ancient Sanskrit texts that talk about building aircrafts.

Kavya appeared on popular TV show Ancient Aliens where her airplane model was showcased and tested by Aerospace Engineer Travis Taylor at the University of California. Her 3D model was 3D printed and tested for stability in a wind tunnel. Data from this experiment concluded that the airplane model was a viable one. An airplane model that is designed based on Sanskrit scriptures that date back to 500 BC being viable today reflects the deep understanding our ancestors had about advanced science and technology.

Kavya has co-written many books about her research and continues to design advanced aircrafts that are described in our scriptures. There is not just one type of aircraft but different types and sizes of aircrafts described in Vimana Shastra and it will certainly be interesting to see if all this knowledge that has been passed down can be utilized by us to solve some of our present problems. 

People who are familiar with our scriptures have been saying that a mercury vortex engine has been described in the shastras and that is a revolutionary technology that is being researched upon by NASA. Apparently, UFO-like carvings have also been spotted in ancient temples that suggest that our ancestors might have made headway into space travel as well!

Our rich heritage of scriptures is relatively untapped and there is definitely a possibility that many useful inventions of our ancestors can be helpful to us in the present as well. For this, the study of our scriptures is necessary.  

What Kavya Vaddadi has taken up is a cause that is very relevant to the youth of India. Instead of neglecting everything that is ancient as outdated, we have to make an effort to understand the way of life of our ancestors and try to find out if we can derive solutions for our present problems with solutions from the past. 

When we look at it logically, it is true that the environment and the lifestyle of the bygone times would have been different and we might not be able to directly relate to what is written in the shastras. But, if we are able to grasp the essence of the concepts and use our present scientific advancements in conjunction, we may be able to achieve a new perspective towards our ancient scriptures.

Coming to think of it, all the scriptures and ancient literature have been handed down from generation to generation and preserved for a reason. As a civilization, we face problems at a basic level that persists regardless of the time and age we are living in. We can view our scriptures as guidelines that have been passed down for our benefit. Of course, there are people who doubt that it might all end up being a wild goose chase in the end. But, there is definitely a high probability that our scriptures have useful information that can be leveraged by the present generation to live a better life.