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  • Here're the Television women who Rule our Prime time.

Here're the Television women who Rule our Prime time.

Mar 14, 2019

Here're the Television women who Rule our Prime time.
Here're the Television women who Rule our Prime time.

In the packed routine we all have these days, in the world of information and technology, and with the increased awareness we have that children do imitate adults, we have amended our screen behavior. We don’t stay hooked to television when we have young children around. But yet there are certain woman tv characters who have etched a deep pattern in our heart and mind, by way of their unique dialogues or dressing style or features or acting decorum or personal life or something of that sort. Carefully built characters bring in so much love in us for them, that, we do forget the programme after a while, but not the casts. Let’s walk through those few women casts in our Indian television.

1.   Gopi In saath nibhaana saathiya

A typical stereotype devoted wife and bahu who stands hooked to her family and who is shy, illiterate, soft, wearing saris all the time, is another woman tv character strongly etched in our hearts for the graceful role she exhibited.

2. Farida jalal In shararat

We wish we all had such an enthusiastic young Nani as farida jalal In shararat. How she posed a solution for every problem her grand-daughter faced is simply adorable.

Her childlike pranks on her son-in-law, in the due course was always a mind freshener and laughter medicine for the worn out tired minds we have.

3. Smriti Irani In kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi

Irani May be in politics today, having joined in mid 2000 but we can’t get past her Tulsi Virani character in the tv programme. Her unique trendsetting Bahu role became a huge inspiration for the Indian women and we began thinking we want a bahu as her in every home.

4. Rupali Ganguli In sarabhai vs sarabhai

Monisha gave us good lessons on how to do effective bargains. Her dealings and dialogues with her mother in law was absolutely commendable and we never could get enough for her.

5. Sudha shivpuri In kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi

Baa in viraani household in the programme was close to her heart for all the goodwill she had for the family members and the role she played breaking the stereotype saans-bahu relationship. It was pretty emotional on hearing on her sad demise.

6. Karishma in karishma ka karishma

During this programme telecast (and even now may be), every child wished he had the ability to do actions in a hilariously high speed as karishma and he could do impossible acts quite possibly, that too in a fraction of a second, as karishma. The acting charm and the avid costume of the little girl forces us to long for her in the shows even today.

7. Mandira bedi In shanti

Daring and dauntless journalist role played by her mandira bedi was an eye catcher for women of any age. Every regular viewer empathised with the struggle the character exhibited on screen.

8. Priya tendulkar In hum paanch

Who doesn’t love horror, thriller, scary stories in Hollywood or Bollywood or any television? We all do. 

Dead talking from the wall photo, would we not relish it, knowing it can’t be real?! Mr. Mathur’s demised wife was the top most reason why viewers for this show never abated all through its telecast.

9. Anandi in baalika Vadhu

When the Indian television viewers were absolutely sick of mother-in-law daughter-in-law conflict based shows for all centuries, this show came as a ice breaker. The controversial, evergreen, never-ending troublesome relationship was handled pretty sensitively and decently. Anandi, the Bahu shined in the programme as well as in our hearts.

10. Sudha Chandran In kaahin kissiii roz and yeh hai Mohabbattein

She is among the top evil characters, well known for her natural powerful eyes that talks for her role, and for lengthy striking bindi, that’s even longer than her anti-heroine mantle.