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  • Mangalore woman Inspires many through her Indian- Women Stamp Collection!

Mangalore woman Inspires many through her Indian- Women Stamp Collection!

Jun 30, 2018

Mangalore woman Inspires many through her Indian- Women Stamp Collection!
Mangalore woman Inspires many through her Indian- Women Stamp Collection! | Credit: The News Minute

Women inspire women, and this is so true in the case of Mangalore woman Jane D’souza. You will find Neerja Bhanot, Kittur Rani Chennamma from Karnataka and Abbakka Rani from Mangalore in her stamp collection. She is known for her stamp collection that features all Indian women, and she has more than 300 of it featuring Indian women, in her collection. If there is an Indian woman who has been commemorating in the shape of an Indian postal stamp, she has it all. You name it, and she has it.

Mangalore women are very sharp, and they have their unique ways to stand out from the crowd. Jane has her unique approach to inspire and celebrate women through her extensive range collection of women of India in the form of Indian postal stamps.

Jane D’souza has more than 300 stamps, first day covers, miniature sheets that celebrate and cherish Indian women. She has categorised them as freedom fighters, diplomats, politicians, warriors, cinema, art and culture, social service, literary figures and among many others.

Credit: The Hindu
Credit: The Hindu

Her journey as a stamp collector dates back since the 1960s when Jane got an envelope full of stamps, which was a gift to her by Robert Mascarenhas, who was her neighbour and then-Mangalore postmaster.

According to Jane, Robert Mascaren has inspired her to add enough stamps to her collection, and hence it became her hobby. Her passion for stamp collection got a boost while she was working in Kuwait in a British company as a secretary, where she was handling correspondence as an in-charge. She had no time to figure it out and had to stock those covers into boxes, else her collection of stamps would have crossed over lakhs. Though, due to events, which followed during the invasion in Kuwait by Iraq in 1990, like many other people, she was ordered for urgent evacuation with her family from the country, which was turning into a war zone that time.

She couldn’t think of anything, but the safety of her family meant everything to her. She then had to vacate the house and left her stamp collection behind, and fled back to the country in Red Cross convoy.

Later, Jane’s daughter became her motivation for stamp collection again. Jane enrolled as a member of DKPNA (Dakshina Kannada Philatelic and Numismatic Association) and started building her exclusive and extensive collection via exchanging stamps.

Credit: Mangalore Today
Credit: Mangalore Today

Her stamp collection includes categories like Christmas, Women, and Kuwait. You can easily find women names like Neerja Bhanot, Kittur Rani Chennamma and Abbakka Rani Stamps. Jane’s oldest collection of women stamp dated back to 1952, which is of Saint Meera Bai’s. It was considered as the first stamp that was introduced after independence on the woman. It was quite challenging to get such stamps on Indian women, as it is very rare and she had to go through many dealers as well as stamp enthusiasts to add a feather to her stamp collection.

Kranti Devi and her sister Nivedita, and Mahadevi Verma are few of the women who are featured in the stalwart literary segment. She has women stamps featuring former times’ actors Meena Kumari, Leela Naida, Kannan Devi, Devika Rani, and many more that was part of miniature sheets released in the year 2011. Each stamp she has is inspiring, and all the women have a story to tell. It talks a lot about a woman’s personality, and she does not just stop with the collection part but also writes about them, so that other people will know about them.

 It is her best way of telling the story about each woman she has featured. The DKPNA will keep Jane’s ‘women of India’ stock on display at Mangalore Head Post Office, till 11 March.