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Parenting in the Digital age - A tricky Ride!

Nov 20, 2018

Parenting in the Digital age - A tricky Ride!
Parenting in the Digital age - A tricky Ride! | Credit: Malwarebytes

Parenting is always a complete roller-coaster ride with emotions and tensions constantly running high. Especially in this Digital age, there a thousand different choices that parents have to make each second. Awareness is being created about the best way to bring kids up and the modus operandi is changing rapidly. It is up to the parents to keep up and make the right decisions that will make way for a great life for their kids.

One of the main concerns for parents of the present day is how much the kids are affected by electronic gadgets and technology.

The addictive nature of some gadgets is holding many kids in its grip and parents are concerned if this can lead to problems in the physical and mental development of their kids. It is a valid doubt to have.

After all, many studies have suggested that spending too much time on electronic gadgets affects kids in a negative way.

So, how can parents deal with this problem? Let us take a look at some basic pointers that can help parents balance the quality and quantity of time that kids spend in the digital world.

Keep communication lines open

Good and open communication is always a foundation for a great parent-child relationship. Particularly when it comes to the present times, kids are often confused about various things in the digital world and they turn to their peers who are equally confused. The digital world is not a strictly censored world and thus your kid might need your support and guidance at various points. Talk to them openly and make sure that you are aware of their online as well as offline activities. Secretive behaviour is always a sign of trouble.

Placing trust is crucial

While monitoring the activities of kids is necessary, breathing down their neck and nagging them will only make them go further away from you. Once you make sure that the kids have open communication channels with you, you have to make them know that you trust them with their choices as well. Showing them that you have faith in their judgements is a sure way to boost their confidence as well as their responsibility.

Make it a point to get together everyday

Spending quality family time is essential for every family. It builds lasting bonds and creates a great environment at home. This is also one of the things that is most affected with the advent of all the distractions that the digital world offers.

It is a common sight in many households to see each family member with their face buried into their mobile phones. The loss of personal interaction is very unhealthy and it is the duty of parents to make sure that a healthy and interactive environment prevails at home.

Do not use technology as bait

There is a popular joke that the children of today eat their food only when you offer a mobile phone as bait. This really is prevalent today for children of all ages and it is not just used to make them eat food. Parents use technology as a reward that they offer for a job well done. This makes the children get even more attracted to mobile phones and gadgets and this makes them restless. Make it very clear to children that technology is only a small part of life and it is not the most important thing.

Schedule tech-free time zones

Do not keep the internet connection switched on 24 hours of the day. Announce tech-free timings at home when all the gadgets are to be put aside. Ask the children to go out and play or indulge in other hobbies such as reading or practicing music. Make sure that their day is balanced with activities of all types instead of just giving them a mobile phone.